Be Aware, Be Informed, Be Prepared with award winning Health & Safety DVDs from Apogee Communications Group   

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Health & Safety DVDs 

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                         Be Prepared, Be Informed, and be Prepared for unexpected events before they occur.

 Health & Safety DVD's are now available through the GSA Schedules 76.

View our award winning health and safety videos: Apogee Health & Safety DVDs

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Apogee Communications Group has produced award winning health and safety programs for more than 35 years. We have received 121 awards for our productions including top honors in international film and video festivals. Our programs save lives, both human and animals. Our programs are updated to provide the latest information. We have received numerous higly rated reviews from the leading library magazines including Booklist, Video Librarian, and Library Journal. 

Apogee Communications Group produces and markets award winning health and safety patient education DVDs for consumers and institutions including; Infant & Toddler Emergency First Aid- Volumes 1 & 2, Heart Disease & Women–Awareness & Treatment, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Disease - Prevention, Heart Disease - Detection, Heart Disease - Treatment, Pet Emergency First Aid- Dogs, Pet Emergency First Aid - Cats, Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs Working Dogs - Pets and Emergency Preparedness – Awareness & Survival.

Infant & Toddler Emergency First DVD contains the latest American Heart Association CPR Guidelines 


Be prepared for unplanned events ranging from weather events to political, social unrest to economic crises. There is much change occuring in the world today and knowing how to protect you and your family should be a high priority in your life. Our multiple award winnng DVD will give you the tools to plan for many unplanned events. Having food, water, medical supplies available will lower stress when an unscheduled event occurrs. The common "It won't happen here" attitude is no excue for not planning now. In a widespeard distubtion, food and other supplies may not be available. Knowing how to be prepared will reduce stress and you the tools needed.

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